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Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (STCMI), was established as a charitable clinic in 1867. To this day, the institution still adheres to the founding principles advocated by its forebears: to provide free TCM consultation and medicines to all regardless of race, religion or nationality.

In 2012 when we celebrated our 145th anniversary, we upgraded the current Thong Chai Building and set up two new branches at Ang Mo Kio and Sengkang, providing greater convenience for elderly patients seeking TCM services.

Currently, Thong Chai offers free TCM treatment to more than 1250 patients daily, annual expenses is nearing S$6 million.

Since the establishment of STCMI, it has always been an independent community charitable organization. Its success is possible due to the strong support by philanthropists from all walks of life, the contributions by the directors, and the relentless efforts of every physician and employee.

Only through your charitable contributions and support, the operations of the institution can carry on!

STCMI is an approved charity organization with IPC status by Singapore government, all donations received will be 2.5 times tax deductible.

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